Questions about Dry Eye?

Dry eyes can be situational (dry airplane air, air-conditioning, wind/smoke exposure or looking at a computer screen for a few hours), aging (similar to arthritis), certain medical conditions (diabetes, RA, lupus, Sjogren’s, thyroid), certain medications (antihistamine, decongestants, hormone replacement, antidepressants, HTN meds, acne meds), post-LASIK and finally tear gland damage. In the end, no matter the cause, dry eyes feel uncomfortable, stinging, burning, sandy, gritty, teary, and just plain annoying. Prevention and use artificial tears regularly is the first approach. If needed, a dry eye evaluation with Dr. Nguyen or Dr. Kawa can pinpoint the source of dryness and provide more effective treatment options. These treatment options include dry eye medications, omega 3, plugs, lid compress, lid hygiene, amniotic membranes, and referrals for thermal pulsation therapy if needed.